Deci was acquired by Nvidia Corporation of Santa Clara, CA. in May 2024.


Easily train or fine-tune SOTA computer vision models with one training library.

What is SuperGradients?

A free, open-source library for training PyTorch-based computer vision models. Developed by Deci's deep learning experts for the benefit of the AI community.

A training script for all the most commonly applied computer vision tasks

Recipes for quick and simple reproduction of SOTA model results

Plug & Play Hyperparameters for training, dataset and architecture

Why Use SuperGradients?

Built-in SOTA Models

Easily load and fine-tune production-ready, pre-trained SOTA models that incorporate best practices and validated hyper-parameters for achieving best-in-class accuracy.

E.g YOLOv5, DDRNet, EfficientNet, RegNet, ResNet, MobileNet, etc.

Shorten Training Lifecycle. Eliminate Uncertainty

Why do all the grind work, if we already did it for you? leverage tested and proven recipes & code examples for a wide range of computer vision models generated by our team of deep learning experts. Easily configure your own or use plug & play hyperparameters for training, dataset, and architecture. The models were also validated for compatibility with various graph compilers.

One Code to Train Them All

Need to train models on different tasks? Now, you no longer need to scout through different repositories to find the most suitable architecture for your needs - the SuperGradients repo has them all in one place.

Classification | Detection | Segmentation

Easily Integrate into your Codebase

Forget about dealing with different and stiff formats and conventions while trying to integrate training libraries into your code base. With SuperGradients integration is simple and straightforward.

What Pre-Trained Models and Recipes are Supported?

Train CV model in 5 simple Steps

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